The Mediation Voucher Scheme

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Anna Vollans

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Vollans Mediation has been participating in the Ministry of Justice’s Mediation Voucher Scheme since it began in March 2021. 

The scheme’s aim is to support people in resolving family disputes outside the Court process where appropriate. It  enables families to apply for a voucher which provides a contribution of up to £500 towards the mediation costs for eligible cases.

The following cases are eligible for a mediation voucher:

  • a dispute regarding a child
  • a dispute regarding family financial matters where you are also involved in a dispute relating to a child

The voucher will only cover the cost of joint mediation sessions. This means that you’ll need to pay for your initial assessment meeting (the Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting) unless you qualify for Legal Aid. 

If after the MIAM you decide to proceed with mediation, and are eligible for the voucher, we will apply for the voucher funding and the fee will be paid directly to us once all mediation sessions are concluded. 

At Vollans Mediation, the voucher will cover 2 joint sessions of mediation. After that you will be responsible for paying any additional fees. 

The scheme is a time-limited which means that vouchers are limited in number and will be offered to eligible parties until they are no longer available.

Early data from the Family Mediation Council has shown that up to three-quarters of participants who have received a voucher have been helped to reach full or partial agreement on their dispute. 

Courts Minister, Lord Wolfson QC said,

“hundreds of separating couples have already benefitted from this scheme – resolving their disputes without the need for an often lengthy, costly and emotionally taxing court process”

To find out more or to arrange a MIAM you can Contact Us or Make An Online Referral

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