Making Financial Arrangements

Making financial arrangements in separation

Financial Change Through Separation

The decision to separate or divorce often means big financial changes which impact the whole family, including any children. For most people, you may initially be more financially ‘stretched’ than previously.

Having to make short and long-term financial arrangements and decisions whilst also experiencing the emotional impact of the decision to separate can cause high levels of stress and anxiety.

We will manage a process that takes things step by step to help you reach an agreement about financial arrangements in a way which is cost effective and with a flexible timescale.

Making Financial Arrangements

Each Financial Situation is Unique

As each family’s financial situation will be unique, the specific details of any arrangements made will vary from case to case. At the same time, it is helpful for couples who are trying to agree, to know what the law says so that you can reach an agreement that reflects your legal rights and responsibilities.

The information you will need to obtain and the things you will need to think about will be different depending on whether you have been married or had a civil partnership or not. Whatever your circumstances, we will help you to draw together all the relevant financial information you will need to make an informed decision.

Discussions about how you might share assets will only take place once you both clearly understand your financial circumstances and the legal framework that applies to your case. We will help you to consider and explore the options available to you with a view to you reaching an agreement which is good for you, your family and particularly any children.

Where needed, you will be encouraged to obtain independent legal advice from a solicitor and we will let you know how agreements reached in mediation can be made legally binding, depending on your circumstances.

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