Supporting you if you’re negatively impacted by conflict


Are you experiencing conflict with someone in your family or in your workplace?

Is the conflict unresolved because you can’t talk about the issues?

Are you wondering what to do next?

Mediation provides a safe and creative space for two or more people who are in conflict to talk in a confidential, informal, structured conversation.

 It is a process where an independent, impartial, professionally trained Mediator works with participants who are in conflict to help them find solutions and reach agreements.

 Mediation can be used in a whole range of situations including in your family and in your workplace. 

We are professionally trained and highly experience mediators,  used to working in difficult, often high conflict situations.  we use a wide variety of techniques and intervention strategies to help participants resolve conflict and reach agreements. 

We facilitate and guide participants through a process which involves establishing ground rules, defining issues, creating an agenda, exploring issues, generating options and finding mutually acceptable proposals.

Throughout the process, we will ensure you reach informed, practical, workable agreements, improve communication and reduce conflict.

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