Family Mediation

Family Mediation

Helping you to make decisions about your family


Are you thinking about separating from your partner?

Or have you been separated for sometime but there are things you still need to work out

Are you wondering what to do next? From issues regarding your children or deciding where you will live, to dividing up assets, it can be a difficult and distressing process.

How can you move on with your lives when you can’t talk about the issues that need to be sorted out?

Family mediation is a way of making arrangements and resolving disputes between partners before, during or after separation or divorce. It can also assist those who are parents, grandparents and other extended family members.


We have extensive experience in the resolution of family disputes between couples, parents, grandparents and other members of the extended family relating to children, property and finance, often in high-conflict situations.

Whatever your circumstances, we will be able to help you through the mediation process which offers a safe space where you can discuss and reach agreements that will work for you and your family whilst keeping the emotional and financial cost to a minimum.

We will manage the process of mediation. We will help you to identify the issues and exchange information, ideas and feelings constructively. We will assist you to explore the options available to you and to make workable arrangements for the future.

Throughout the process, We will give you the necessary information to ensure you reach informed, practical, workable arrangements, improve communication and reduce conflict.

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