(Almost) Anything But Family Court

Picture of Anna Vollans

Anna Vollans

Founder of Vollans Mediation

This book outlines the people and processes separating parents need to know about if they are to avoid family court. It will help to reduce stress, avoid wasting time and money and is a vital read for those experiencing a breakup. The true cost of going through family court remains hidden. Many parents who have taken this route report a deterioration in their mental health, their bank balance, and anxious children. Almost all report a downturn in their relationship with their ex and their wider family. Such negative outcomes are not quick to resolve. There’s a clear message running through every page of this book. No matter how daunting and difficult, reaching an agreement with your ex outside of the family courts that works for both of you will be the best possible outcome for you and your family. Please complete the form below to receive access details for the book.

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